Manage all of your assets & extend equipment lifecycles while maintaining maximum transparency throughout your company, products, and suppliers.
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Objects and assets always at a glance

Easy, mobile, fast
Your data is always with you. Automatically and seamlessly. At the desk, or in the field. On the platform that connects all of your customers, their facilities, and assets they contain with your services.
Promoting responsible use of resources
Intelligent Lifecycle Management
  • Extends the lifespan of your managed assets and objects,
  • Increases your productivity through optimized logistics and implementable synergies
  • Reduces travel distances and helps to save energy and CO2 consumption.
Everyone Benefits
Your Internal and
External Customers
...keep track of assets’ and objects’ service statuses by maintaining uptimes and reducing costs and search times. Report and notify issues, track resolution, and gain transparency.
Your Employees and
...know what needs to be done at all times. Visualize data on the go, schedule & complete imminent services, and avoid unnecessary trips while maintaining accurate documentation of all assets and processes.
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...deliver higher quality products by ensuring facility and asset availability, operational performance, and team self-sufficiency.
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Scan & Go
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Entdecken Sie ARiiVA mit einer geführten Tour, bevor Sie die App mit Ihren eigenen Daten befüllen und sofort losarbeiten können.
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Your Advantages with ARiiVA
Conveniently capture assets on the go with Dataspot Connect in ARiiVA Go
Attach a Dataspot to the asset, scan it with ARiiVA Go, and register the asset directly on your smartphone. ARiiVA Home synchronizes automatically and seamlessly.
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Manage Inventory –
on the go or in the office
Assets, machines, vehicles and all inventory data are available in one place.
At just a glance you can see how many services, tickets and documents are stored, whether on the smartphone with ARiiVA Go or on the desktop with ARiiVA Home.
Manage Inventory
on the go or in the office
Assets, machines, vehicles and all inventory data are available in one place.
At just a glance you can see how many services, tickets and documents are stored, whether on the smartphone with ARiiVA Go or on the desktop with ARiiVA Home.
Maintain maximum overview
Do you want to know the status of machines, production lines, or other asset status points at all times and maximize your ticketing system automation?
With ARiiVA Monitoring you can follow the current status, evaluate problems and counteract them ahead of time. By simply adding floor plans, you can map multiple locations or facilities and important assets.
Monitor TicketMonitor
Fehlerfreie Mängelerhebung
– einfach und schnell
Record errors or damages for incoming goods, assets, rooms or services on the go and store them centrally.
Mark object locations on the ARiiVA monitor using a ticket flag so others can respond quickly
Defect Management with Mobile Devices
Capture Defects and Deviations and locate them on floor plans
Locate occurring defects and deviations on building layouts and floor plans in order to ensure a fast repair-process - even for staff, wich is unfamiliar with the location.
Monitor TicketMonitor
Perform scheduled maintenance
on-time and coordinated
Create recurring or one-time services, maintenance & inspections and assign them to individuals or groups, internal or external, by simple automated notifications.
Responsible persons receive the notifications via e-mail, push notification, and reminders in the application itself.
Easy to Start
Learn how to use ARiiVA Home quickly and import your data easily with our built-in guided tour.

Not sure what to do? We will walk you through your first setup process and explain all of ARiiVA’s features.
Intelligent Lifecycle Management
Centrally manage machines, objects, facilities, buildings, customers and service-partners.
Location-independent data access using augmented reality technology. Just scan and view immediately.
Streamline communication, save travel times, make knowledge accessible.
Service, Maintenance & Defect Assessment
Automation of service and maintenance intervals, optimization of defect management.
Central Data Management
in ARiiVA Home
Central data management takes place via the web application ARiiVA Home. Manage assets such as facilities, equipment, vehicles, and products. View maintenance & service cycles, important documents, and inventory, and make them available on mobile. Manage users and adjust permissions individually. All of the features in ARiiVA Go, the mobile app for on the go control, will be available in ARiiVA Home.
Mobile Data Availability
in ARiiVA Go
Complete mobile data availability in ARiiVA Go. Predefined data can be displayed using the Augmented Reality feature (ARiiVA Dataspot). Create or edit tickets & services, including image documentation and drawing functionality. Keep an eye on the status of various assets such as buildings and machines via location monitoring. Start video or audio calls cross-platform with ARiiVA Home & ARiiVA Go for immediate help.
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