ARiiVA delivers data where it is needed and supports the operation of professional service life cycle management.

First steps

For each new registration a 7 days trial period is offered in order to test basic functions. After trial period expiration an upgrade will be offered (home user and viewer licences).

What is ARiiVA Home?

ARiiVA Home is the central user and data management platform. Machine and inventory data will be imported here. Maintenance cycles can be defined. All information that is entered here will become available in the mobile application ARiiVA Go instantaneously.

What is ARiiVA Go?

The ARiiVA Go Augmented Reality features (ARiiVA data spots) enable superimposition of predefined data onto live video feeds. Users can start audio and video calls on the go and, if necessary, create tickets right away, including features such as picture/photo documentation as well as manual drawings. Machine statuses as well as analytics data are visible through ARiiVA Monitorings.

What are Home Users?

Home Users can access ARiiVA Home and ARiiVA Go without any restrictions.

What are Viewers?

Viewers have only limited access to ARiiVA Go and ARiiVA Home. Features for Viewers: ARiiVA Dataspots, ARiiVA Ticketing, ARiiVA Call.

Can I use ARiiVA Home without ARiiVA Go?

In order to be able to make use of all ARiiVA functions and features, we recommend the use of both systems simultaneously. However, ARiiVA Home and ARiiVA Go do work independently of each other.

Which browsers are supported in ARiiVA Home?

ARiiVA Home is tested for all current browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems.

NOTE: Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer has been discontinued. Our goal is to offer highest product and service quality to all customers at best security standards. Therefore, we recommend the use of newest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers. Learn more here:  Chrome / Firefox / Microsoft Edge.

Which operating systems are supported by ARiiVA Home?

ARiiVA Home is a web-based application and thus has no requirements regarding operating system but rather on the used browser (see above).

Which mobile OS are supported by ARiiVA Go?

ARiiVA Go is compatible with Android and iOS.

How do updates work in ARiiVA?

ARiiVA Home is a browser-based application and thus no updates on client computers are required. Updates in the platform usually happen over night. If taking ARiiVA Home offline is necessary, users will be notified in advance about any short downtimes.

Updates for ARiiVA Go (mobile application) will be rolled out via mobile stores (Google Play or Apple App Store). According to user preferences this will happen automatically or has to be done manually.

User data and preferences will not be lost.

Where can I request support?

Please use the support request form in www.ariiva.com --> More --> Support. Response time within 48 hours.

How do dataspots work?

Dataspots are managed centrally in ARiiVA Home (menu item: Dataspots), information such as displaying the maintenance date, free text, images, documents, and tickets are the central functions of the Dataspots. After registration, a PDF with the available Dataspots is generated (ARiiVA Home> Dataspots> a download link can be found at the bottom.

With the help of the ARiiVA Go mobile app, this information can be displayed directly on the machine using augmented reality support.

How does ARiiVA Ticketing work?

ARiiVA Ticketing allows quick creation of service tickets for assets (dataspots). It contains a photo and drawing feature which enables the ticket creator to describe the issue at hand as best as possible. Service time estimations can be entered. Staff can be notified directly through the ticket creation process.

3.3 Wie funktioniert ARiiVA Standort-Monitoring?

Monitorings sind Datenobjekte die als Containter für Assets (Dataspots) oder andere Sub-Monitorings dienen. Standort-Monitorings haben einen Status (z.B. aktiv, inaktiv, in Bearbeitung, etc.). User sehen so auf einen Blick, ob bestimmte Assets oder Produktionsbereiche derzeit verfügbar sind oder ggf. Reparaturbedarf herrscht.

How does ARiiVA Call work?

ARiiVA Call establishes a direct 1:1 connection between remote expert and field/service engineer through data glasses, smartphone or tablet computer. ARiiVA Call allows both sides to see exaclty the same picture which enables the remote expert to give instructions on how to solve an issue. This reduces service times and travel cost significantly.

How does ARiiVA Analytics work?

ARiiVA Analytics helps analyze data flows and fields for optimizations. Every data entry in ARiiVA is constantly being monitored and relevant results such as productivity, downtimes, utilization, asset condition down to service cost become transparent.