ARiiVA delivers data where it is needed and supports the operation of professional service life cycle management.

Each new user gets access with 2 limited users and 100 dataspots for free. 

The ARiiVA Home web interface is used for central data and user management. Inventory and machine lists are imported here, station and machine data entered, and maintenance cycles defined. All information entered here is also immediately available in the mobile application ARiiVA GO.

With ARiiVA Go, data is available on the go and can be displayed using an augmented reality feature (ARiiVA Dataspots). Users can create tickets on the go, including image documentation and markup functionality. The status of all assets (e.g. machines) can also be kept in view via monitoring. ARiiVA Go also supports video or audio calls and shows all available analysis data.

To use the full functionality of ARiiVA it is recommended to run both systems actively to experience all advantages. Basically, ARiiVA Home and ARiiVA Go work independently on the system level.

ARiiVA Home is supported by all major browsers under Windows/Macintosh/Linux.

ATTENTION: Microsoft support for Internet Explorer has been discontinued. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products of great value, at the same time maintaining security standards. Therefore, we would like to devote our time and resources to improving our products in newer browsers. If you are currently using Internet Explorer, this poses an increased security risk as it no longer receives security updates, our recommendation - use either  Chrome / Firefox / Microsoft Edge.

ARiiVA Home is web-based, so there are no requirements for operating systems but for the browsers used (see 2.1).

ARiiVA Go is compatible with Android and iOS.

ARiiVA Home is web-based and updates are therefore performed in the background, usually unnoticeable to the user. In case of maintenance that requires ARiiVA Home or ARiIVA Go to be switched offline for a short period of time, maintenance information is usually sent out or displayed online a few days or hours before the update.

Mobile updates for ARiiVA Go are provided via the respective mobile store (Google Play Store/Apple App Store) either manually or automatically, depending on the setting of the respective user.

User data and preferences will not be lost.

Please use the support request form in www.ariiva.com --> More --> Support. Response time within 48 hours.

Dataspots are managed centrally in ARiiVA Home (menu item: Dataspots). Information like show maintenance date, free text, images, documents, assign tickets are the central functions of the dataspots. After registration a PDF with the available dataspots will be generated (ARiiVA Home > Dataspots > find the download link at the very bottom.

With the help of the mobile app ARiiVA Go, this information can be displayed directly on the machine using augmented reality support.

ARiiVA Ticketing can be used to quickly create service tickets to any asset or dataspot. ARiiVA Ticketing includes a photo documentation and drawing function to clearly describe the problem. Service times can be estimated and service personnel can be assigned directly.

Monitorings are data objects that serve as containers for assets (dataspots) or other sub-monitorings. Site monitorings have a status (e.g. active, inactive, in process, etc.). Users can see at a glance if certain assets or production areas are currently available or in need of repair.

With ARiiVA Call, you can support colleagues or customers on site at any time. The LIVE Assistant enables a direct 1:1 connection via data glasses, smartphone or tablet, so that both sides get exactly the same picture of a situation. The remote expert can give a technician on site precise instructions for troubleshooting, thus minimizing repair times and costs.

ARiiVA Analytics helps to analyze data flows and identify optimization fields, because every data record in ARiiVA is tracked and evaluated. Correlations are displayed in clear dashboards. Central questions about productivity, utilization, downtimes, asset conditions, and even service costs become transparent here.