AR data glasses

Microsoft HoloLens & HoloLens 2 for professional AR experience

Hololens projects light points onto its screen that form holograms, information and other content in one's field ov view. Using gestures, speech recognition and head movements users can control the data glasses.

Microsoft HoloLens is wireless. The device creates 3D projections before users' eyes, superimposed onto the visible environment. Projections are adapted to the environment in a way that makes them appear natural and deceptively real.

AR data glasses

Visualize data with VUZIX Blade in real time 

VUZIX Blade has haptic feedback and vibration notifications. An integrated touch pad and head motion tracker offer easy, intuitive control. Voice control via integrated, noise-cancelled microphone. The device also boasts an 8MP camera which records video with up to 1080p. 

AR data glasses

Industry data glasses RealWear-HMT1 with reliable speech control

With the intuitive and completely hands-free HMT-1 data glasses both hands remain free for manual tasks while simultaneous access to relevant information and communication is possible.

Ideal for remote maintenance, digital assistence and logistics. Via video remote support employees can receive maintenance assistance from off-site experts.